GPS Tracker
GPS Bicycle Tracking revolutionized. Our new “Black box” for bicycles has superb GPS reception along with highly sensitive movement detection. Let’s get you on the map.

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CHIPABIKE Registration Tags
The most comprehensive Bicycle Registration System in the world and searchable from it too. Check to see if bicycles has been reported stolen anywhere, anytime without the need of an app.

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bicycle dealer
Need to keep track of your inventory, bicycle builds and repairs, who has your demo bike, now you can. How about starting a bicycle rental business? , we got you covered there too.

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CHIPABIKE smart lock
Our new cable locking system will alert you (and others) when someone is tampering with your bicycle. No more stupid cables and locks that do nothing when they are cut.

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custom bicycle registration program

Imagine a "branded" bicycle registration program with zero IT on your part

We have what you are looking for and dreamed of, a registration system that is complete, comprehensive and time tested. No piecing the puzzle together on your part, just plan the event for your new bicycle registration program kick off and leave the rest to us. From your very first registration you can be assured that you have the best system on the planet and your registries will have the confidence needed, to know that you are doing your part in helping to prevent bike theft.